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  1. “You can’t hit what you can’t see” is a common phrase in sports and was originally derived to describe baseball pitcher Walter Johnson’s fastball.  But the same goes for things with a more serious spin, such as some of the millions of pieces of debris floating in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).  Now, a team of …

    The post A new Method to Capture High-Resolution Images of Space Debris appeared first on Universe Today.

  2. A new study proposes an exotic boson star to explain the largest gravitational wave merger we've observed.

    The post An Exotic Explanation for the Most Extreme Gravitational Wave Detected so far appeared first on Universe Today.

  3. Running the clock back on the enigmatic pair of Martian moons Phobos and Deimos gives researchers insight to their possible origin.

    The post Phobos and Deimos: Two Moons, From One Source? appeared first on Universe Today.

  4. Extreme winter weather hit Texas hard this February. An air mass from the arctic extended deep into the United States from Canada, with disastrous results for the ordinarily warm state. Along with snow and unusually low temperatures, the state’s capacity for power generation was significantly reduced by weather-related equipment failures. Images hosted by NASA’s Earth …

    The post This Is What Rolling Blackouts Look Like From Space appeared first on Universe Today.

  5. The ESA's Trace Gas Orbiter (part of the ExoMars 2020 mission) has revealed images of the Perseverance rover and where it landed.

    The post Perseverance Seen From Space by ESA’s ExoMars Orbiter appeared first on Universe Today.

  6. Infrastructure is going to be one of the biggest components of any permanent human settlement on the moon.  NASA Artemis missions are focused directly on building up the facilities and processes necessary to support a moon base.  ESA is also contributing both material and knowledge.  Most recently they made another step in their path to …

    The post ESA is Working on a Mission to Explore Caves on the Moon appeared first on Universe Today.

  7. Last summer, the Parker Solar Probe flew past Venus on its way to fly closer to the Sun. In a bit of a surprise, one of the spacecraft’s cameras, the Wide-field Imager for Parker Solar Probe, or WISPR, captured a striking image of the planet’s nightside from 7,693 miles (12380 km) away. The surprise of …

    The post Parker Solar Probe Captured Images of Venus on its way to the Sun appeared first on Universe Today.

  8. Professor Avi Loeb's new book, Extraterrestrial, tells the tale of how he 'Oumuamua may be humanity's first interstellar messenger.

    The post A Review of “Extraterrestrial” by Prof. Avi Loeb appeared first on Universe Today.

  9. Lightning is one of the most powerful forces in nature.  Up to 1 billion volts of electricity can flow into a strike in less than a second.  Such a large energy buildup can be created by even a relatively simple cause – two particles rubbing together.  A team at the University of Oregon has now …

    The post Dust Particles in the Martian Atmosphere can Create Static Electricity, but not Enough to Endanger the Rovers appeared first on Universe Today.

  10. Mars’ surface is a harsh environment for life.  But life on Earth is notoriously resilient as well.  No one is quite sure yet how microbes from Earth would fare on the Martian surface.  However, the impact of a potential transmigration of microbes to the red planet could be immense.  Not only could it skew any …

    The post Some Earth Life Could Already Survive on Mars appeared first on Universe Today.

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