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  1. In our exploration of Mars, we’ve seen some strange but naturally occurring shapes. Polygons – a shape with at least three straight sides and angles, typically with five or more – have been seen in several different Martian landscapes, and scientists say these shapes are of great interest because they often indicate the presence of …

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  2. Blue Origin has been busy lately.  They launched their founder, Jeff Bezos, into space and put a bid in on NASA’s new Lunar Lander project.  While SpaceX won that contract back in April, Blue Origin has continued to fight for their right to supply the space agency with an alternative lander.  And recently, their not-quite-an-astronaut …

    The post Blue Origin Offers a $2 Billion Discount to get Back in the Lunar Lander Game appeared first on Universe Today.

  3. Dark matter remains one of the greatest mysteries in science.  Despite decades of astronomical evidence for its existence, no one has yet been able to find any sign of it closer to home.  There have been dozens of efforts to do so, and one of the most prominent just hit a milestone – the release …

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  4. Professor Avi Loeb has announced a new project that will search for 'Oumuamua-like objects in our Solar System, which could be artifacts of extraterrestrial spacecraft

    The post A New Plan to Search for Extraterrestrial Artifacts at Earth and Across the Solar System appeared first on Universe Today.

  5. An opportunity in 2019 lays the groundwork for balloon-borne detectors on Venus, working to unravel a key mystery.

    The post Balloon Mission May Also Work to Detect Quakes on Venus appeared first on Universe Today.

  6. One of the less appreciated aspects of George Lucas’ vision for Star Wars was that he predicted the existence of planets in binary star systems years before we saw even the first exoplanet.  Now a team from the University of Cambridge and the Max Planck Institute for Extra-terrestrial Physics have found how exactly those planets …

    The post This is how you get Tatooines. Binary Star Planet Formation appeared first on Universe Today.

  7. Ganymede has been getting alot of attention lately.  It was the co-star of a video from Juno recently, and now scientists found something to make it an even more intriguing place visit – water vapor. It has been well known for years that Ganymede harbors water, and lots of it.  In fact, the ninth biggest …

    The post Water Vapour has Been Discovered at Ganymede appeared first on Universe Today.

  8. The robotic arms of the ISS are some of its most useful tools.  The arms, designed by Canadian and Japanese space agencies, have been instrumental in ferrying around astronauts and shepherding modules to one side of the ISS.  However, the Russian segment lacked its own robotic arm – until a new one designed by ESA …

    The post Europe Launches its new Robotic arm, Which Will Crawl Around the International Space Station Like an Inchworm appeared first on Universe Today.

  9. Mission controllers at NASA are making final preparations for the Perseverance rover to obtain its first sample of Martian rock, which will be returned to Earth for analysis.

    The post Perseverance is About to Collect the First Sample on Mars That Could Eventually be Returned to Earth appeared first on Universe Today.

  10. The Earth’s magnetic field is an underappreciated wonder of the natural world.  It protects our atmosphere, provides some of the most breathtaking scenery when it creates auroras, and allows people to navigate from one side of the world to the other.  Unfortunately, it won’t be able to save us from the death of the Sun …

    The post When the Sun Dies, Earth’s Magnetosphere won’t Provide Protection any More appeared first on Universe Today.

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