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  1. According to NASA, the large Near-Earth Asteroid known as Florence will pass harmlessly past Earth this coming September

    The post Large Near-Earth Asteroid Will Pass Earth by This September appeared first on Universe Today.

  2. A new study from the University of Texas Arlington has indicated that the Gliese 832 system (located just 16 light-years away) may have a third exoplanet

    The post Another Nearby Red Dwarf Star System, Another Possible Exoplanet Discovered! appeared first on Universe Today.

  3. KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - The last of NASA’s next generation Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TRDS) that looks like a giant alien fish or cocooned creature but actually plays an absolutely vital role in relaying critical science measurements, research data and tracking observations gathered by the International Space Station (ISS), Hubble and a plethora of Earth science missions is poised for blastoff Friday, Aug. 18, morning from the Florida Space Coast.

    The post NASA’s Tracking Data Relay Satellite-M Vital for Science Relay Poised for Liftoff Aug. 18 – Watch Live appeared first on Universe Today.

  4. As part of its Planetary Science Deep Space SmallSat Studies program, NASA has selected a CubeSat mission to study Venus' atmosphere.

    The post NASA Plans to Send CubeSat To Venus to Unlock Atmospheric Mystery appeared first on Universe Today.

  5. An international team of scientists relied on a new kind of gravitational lensing to conduct a detailed study of a distant supermassive black hole.

    The post Gravitational Lensing Provides Rare Glimpse Into Interiors of Black Holes appeared first on Universe Today.

  6. It's hard to believe: we're now just one short weekend away from the big ticket astronomical event for 2017, as a total solar eclipse is set to cross over the contiguous United States on Monday, August 21st.

    Celestial mechanics is a sure thing in this Universe, a certainty along with death and taxes that you can bet on. There are a few key question marks come eclipse day, however, something that we can only speak with a few intelligent assumptions out 72 hours out.

    The post Prelude to Totality: A Final Look at the Total Solar Eclipse appeared first on Universe Today.

  7. I’ve often been asked the question, “Can the astronauts on the Space Station see the stars?” Astronaut Jack Fischer provides an unequivocal answer of “yes!” with a recent post on Twitter of a timelapse he took from the ISS. Fischer captured the arc of the Milky Way in all its glory, saying it “paints the […]

    The post Can Astronauts See Stars From the Space Station? appeared first on Universe Today.

  8. KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – Following a two day orbital chase and ballet of carefully choreographed thruster firings, the SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule launched at lunchtime on Monday Aug. 14 with tons of science and supplies arrived in the vicinity of the International Space Station (ISS) this morning, Wednesday, Aug 16.

    The post Station Crew Grapples SpaceX Dragon Delivering Tons of Science After Thunderous Liftoff: Launch & Landing Gallery appeared first on Universe Today.

  9. A team of international astronomers have just observed the most distant massive galaxy to date, providing clues to galaxy formation and cosmic evolution

    The post The Most Distant Massive Galaxy Observed to Date Provides Insight into the Early Universe appeared first on Universe Today.

  10. This week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by Brian Wang at his Next Big Future blog. Click here to read Carnival of Space #522 And if you’re interested in looking back, here’s an archive to all the past Carnivals of Space. If you’ve got a space-related blog, you should really join the carnival. Just email an entry […]

    The post Carnival of Space #522 appeared first on Universe Today.

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