On this page we will seek to compare the established and accepted dates (*some of which frequently change) of history with those of Archaeoastronomy.

Archaeoastronomy entries are in red

History of the World

*15,000mBCE Beginning of the Universe
*4,600mBCE Formation of the Solar System
*65mBCE Extinction of the dinosaurs
*4mBCE First human ancestors
*2mBCE First stone tools appear
*120,000BCE Neanderthals
40.000BCE The Ice Age
20,000BCE Invention of early weapons i.e. Bow & Arrow and Cave Paintings
10,000BCE Possible date of source of Claudius Ptolemy's "Map of the North"
8,000BCE New Stone Age / Agriculture begins
7,000BCE Ice Age Ending/ First pottery made
6,000BCE Linen used
5,000BCE Use of Copper
5,000BCE Possible date of original Antarctic maps being drawn - advanced seagoing civilisation
4,500BCE First seagoing ships
4,000BCE Horses tamed & ploughing developed
3,500BCE The Bronze Age begins.
  First riverside civilisations including Nile in Egypt. Carts with wheels appear.
3,100BCE Stonehenge built
  First writing
3,000BCE Minoan Civilisation
2,700BCE The Old Kingdom in Egypt
2,500BCE Early Indus valley civilisation
2,450BCE Apparent alignment of Giza Pyramid shafts with Orion & Syrius
2,050BCE Middle Kingdom in Egypt
1,700BCE Early Pacific Island civilisations
1,400BCE The Iron Age
1,000BCE Mayan dynasty founded in South America
776BCE Rome founded
221BCE Ch'in Empire in China founded