Hello and welcome to my website which is dedicated to my hobbies and interests.

These include include Astronomy, Archaeo-astronomy (research into lost civilisations and their knowledge.), Space Science, online logic puzzles and strategy games.

I also like old sailing ships and reading novels based around the Royal Navy in the Age of Sail. For these I have a dedicated  site, historicnavalfiction.com, and if you like reading these novels why not join the forum and the discussion.

Please browse the various sections for further information.

If you find my pages interesting you can let me know by using the contact form.


ISSI am very interested in all things to do with astronomy and space science.

Whilst these can be totally different interests they frequently overlap. An example of this is of course the various probes sent to explore the planets.

Please browse the sections of the site dedicated to these subjects.

This section of the site is dedicated to Archaeoastronomy

This section of my site is for playing Online Games

This section of my site contains a link to my (external) blog and is dedicated to various other things I am interested in.

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